To preserve the enviroment is our full responsibility


The preservation of the environment is one of our company’s most important concerns.

To work towards that commitment, we apply a sophisticated effluent treatment with high-level controls such as the DBO5, DQO, oils and fat percentage in wastewaters, meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Environment.

These treatments are focused on the highest standards in environmental quality, using top-of-the-line technology, with permanent renovation in order to achieve maximum effectiveness in the preservation of the packing plant’s surrounding environment.

In Uruguay an animal is fully powered by natural pastures, no chemicals and uses 

the size of two (2) football field to feed

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Uruguay is a country in South America. Borders with Brazil and Argentina. Its territory

covers 176 000 km², which has privileged for the agriculture and livestock fields


In Uruguay there are multiple breeding establishments both of cattle

(Hereford, Aberdeen Angus, Holstein, etc) and other races, as sheep (Corriedale, Australian Merino).


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Uruguay is an agro-exporting country, so agriculture: soybeans, rice,

wheat, corn, sunflower, sorghum, barley, and livestock are fundamental resources of the economy.



Uruguay beef stock will grow by 2015 to more than 12 million heads,

which means an increase of around 400,000 animals more


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The network of rivers and streams that extend across all Uruguay

nourishes the soil and benefit crops, in addition to promoting the growth of grass for livestock


The task for the year 2015 could reach 2.5 million animals


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Uruguay plant more than 1 million acres in soybeans