From the field to your plate

In our company we produce natural beef free of hormones and chemicals of any kind with cattle from specialized in breeding in harmony with nature. Our traceability system allows us to maintain records of the origin, health and animal feed, ensuring the quality and safety of our products. We are recognized as a company with great adaptation to the requirements of our customers to produce quality meat with sophisticated dressings. With regard to animal welfare, major care are made in the handling of animals from the shipment in the field, to the corrals ground. The products that will be targeted at specific markets, will be slaughtered and worked beyond our traditional system, in order to maintain their identity throughout the chain. This is managed through our internal traceability system.


The Uruguay President Jose Mujica, with the Premier Minister

Chines, Wen Jia Bao.  The government of Uruguay has driven traceability as a State Policy


Mujica en China Muralla.jpg

Uruguay President Jose Mujica along with various government officials, visiting the Great Wall in Beijing



Standing, Minister of Livestock and Agriculture


Our CEO Jason Zhang with President of Uruguay Jose Mujica in Beijing


Vaca con Marca de Trazabilidad 001.jpg

Caravans which are placed in the animal's ears, and record the history of animnal





Traceability 7.jpg




You can find out why tastiest meat in the world is also  the safest one. The QR code will tell you the story of your meat.